At Christmastime in 2015, we hosted a heart-warming celebration attended by 23 families. With the help of various church groups – notably People’s Gospel Church and Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church – Hunger No More team, we were able to provide 80 personalized gifts. A couple of clients surprised us with their generosity by cooking food to share with everyone.

The impact has not only been on our clients, but also on us and the wider community. We have been touched by the efforts of countless groups who donate their time and resources to organize collections, promote our work, engage with community agencies, fundraise cash donations, and offer selfless service like purchasing urgent food and supplies and transporting baked goods to our operations for our clients.

We are always blessed when we get feedback from clients or hear from them after they move on. Our clients wrote:

“Thanks for your gifts and your team’s empathy in assisting my son’s effort in accomplishing his task today in inclement weather. I am greatly indebted to your team’s help and my wife was particularly citing this as an example to our son how he should be creating a bond in a society where he was not born and new to him.” – Joe, medical professional from India

“I am trying to find a part time job in the evening shift. Your emails are informative and I am forwarding some of them to the relevant people. Personally I am looking for banking sector jobs. If I didn’t find any job in my field after I finish the course I will go for any surviving job. Thank you so much for your usual and continuing support as always.” – John, banking professional from Syria

“I really thank you for all the assistance that you guys are providing for all the families. Regarding us, we are all well and I started to work as an admin assistant, I have been working there for 2 months now and that’s why I couldn’t come with my father. Thanks in advance.” – Betty, single mom with 2 kids and parents from Syria

“All is good for now. You never know with self-employment what the next day brings. We are trying our best to provide for the family, doing what we love to do. Some times are more difficult than the others.” – June, entrepreneur from Russia

“I owe you 2 thank yous. Thanks for considering me overall and for giving me groceries and snacks. And a huge thanks for giving me a ride to the TTC stop. You help people in need, I am one and I really thank you for everything. And I am sure that needy people whose financial situation is way worse than mine thank you very much as well.” – Gord, disabled senior living alone

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)