About Grace Community Food Share

NOTICE: We are now accepting a limited number of new clients.

Grace Community Food Share (GCFS) is a non-profit volunteer-based food pantry service initiated by Grace Chinese Gospel Church of North York.

GCFS was established in 2012 after years of prayer and a shared desire to serve the local community.

We are a non-boundary-based food bank that initially served residents in the Chester Le area and have since expanded to parts of North York, Scarborough, and Markham.

Our Mission

With the love of Jesus Christ, our mission is to provide temporary food assistance to serve individuals and families in need. Through community connections, we aim to provide supportive resources to help our clients overcome their life challenges.

Individuals in genuine need due to unemployment and/or health issues, low-income families, or new immigrants are all welcome. We serve everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of race or religion. If you would like to use our service, please call to register or bring the required documents and visit us during our hours of operation.

Our Impact

We have been shown amazing blessings from God, who has constantly provided for our needs, including wonderful volunteers and support from both within our church and from outside sources.

In 2016, we have experienced growth in the number of families in need, partly due to the refugee crisis in Syria and other parts of the world. While it deeply concerns us to see people so seriously affected, we are grateful for the opportunity to offer hope so that more people can experience the love of Jesus Christ.

Our ministry is not just about food: it’s about reaping a small harvest when we see how God transforms our clients, most of whom first come with gloomy faces, yet today offer us the gift of heart-warming smiles whenever they visit us. Dignity is a basic thing that we can help our clients restore by serving them with humility.

We ask clients for their e-mail addresses so we can serve the needs of the whole person better by sending time-sensitive community resources such as free workshops, health clinics, settlement programs, and job referrals. We have clients who successfully found work through these connections. At times, some clients like to give back by bringing traditional home-cooked food to share!

Read more about our impact in our testimonials and about the supporters who helped make all of it possible.